CRCW Research

Center for Research on Child Wellbeing associates are conducting research in six key areas: families and households, poverty and inequality, immigrant children and families, at-risk youth, education, and health.

Families and Households
Research Associates: Alicia Adsera, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Anne Case, Katherine Edin, Irv Garfinkel, Jean Knab, Sara McLanahan, Christina Paxson, Viviana Zelizer

Poverty and Inequality
Research Associates: Michelle DeKlyen, Irv Garfinkel, Ron Haskins, Douglas Massey, Sara McLanahan, Christina Paxson, Hillard Pouncy, Isabel Sawhill, Paul Starr

Immigrant and Migrant Children and Families
Research Associates: Alicia Adsara, Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Douglas Massey, Sara McLanahan, Alejandro Portes, Marta Tienda

At-Risk Youth
Research Associates: Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Jean Grossman, Douglas Massey, Devah Pager

Research Associates: Alicia Adsera, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Michelle DeKlyen, Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Angel Harris, Douglas Massey, Alejandro Portes, Cecilia Rouse, Marta Tienda

Research Associates: Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Anne Case, Sara McLanahan, Dan Notterman, Christina Paxson, Cecilia Rouse


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