Teaching and Training

M.P.A. Policy Workshops Taught by CRCW Associates


Previous Semesters

591d: Immigration Reform in the U.S. Fall 2009
(Marta Tienda)

591d: Immigrant Integration Fall 2007
(Alicia Adsera, Marcela Gonzalez Rivas)

591g: Disadvantaged Young Children in Newark Fall 2007
(Sara McLanahan, Elisabeth Donahue, Michelle DeKlyen)

591h: The Provision of Mental Services in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina Fall 2006
(John Lumpkin, Christina Paxson)

591e: Immigration Policy Fall 2005
(Marta Tienda)

The Woodrow Wilson School Graduate Course Guide contains a complete listing of policy workshops and general course offerings for M.P.A. students.

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