Friday, Nov 1, 2019

Kathy Edin and Sara McLanahan would like to announce the promotion of Kate Jaeger to Research Director of the Fragile Families Projects.

Tuesday, Apr 9, 2019

In Conversation with Kathryn Edin, the evisceration of welfare, the rise of destitution, and the absolute necessity of cash in an advanced capitalist society is discussed on "Future Hindsight."

Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

For years, the United States has built its policy in the blind, without understanding how people are working, living, and getting by. The American Voices Project relies on immersive interviews to deliver an unusually comprehensive portrait of American life across all 50 states.


Thursday, Nov 29, 2018

CRCW Co-Director, Kathy Edin, presented her research at the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC.

Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018

Mathematica today announced the appointment of Matthew Salganik to serve as a member of the organization’s board of directors.

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018

Sara McLanahan is delighted to announce that Kathryn Edin has agreed to join her as co-director of the Center for Research on Child Wellbeing (CRCW).  Kathy received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Northwestern University. She has taught at the University of Pennsylvania as well as at Rutgers, Northwestern, Harvard and Johns Hopkins universities....

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018
Fragile Families Collaborators Publish Book about the Effects of the Great Recession on Parents and Young Children.
Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018
The current state of scientific knowledge on pre-kindergarten effects.
Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018
Children who sleep less may age faster at a cellular level.
Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018

Lower-Income Children Raised in Counties With High Upward Mobility Display Fewer Behavioral Issues, Perform Better on Cognitive Tests - more


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