Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study at Princeton Wintersession 2022

Oct. 27, 2021

This workshop will introduce researchers to 1) a brief overview of the history and data collection of the FFCWS, including the variety of survey and activity components included in our six waves of available data; 2) a guide to the file structure, contents, and data conventions used in FFCWS including tips and advice from experts in FFCWS data support; 3) a tutorial on the contents and use of our metadata web interface; and 4) an exploration of how the FFCWS data can be used to study racial inequality or systemic racism. Our goals for this workshop are to provide a solid background for working with FFCWS data and to support participants as they begin variable exploration and selection relevant to their own research questions.

What to expect:
Mini workshop (one-off workshop – 2 hr total)

NOTE: This event is only open to Princeton University students, faculty, and staff. To register, go to: . 

Location: TBD