Kate Jaeger Promoted to Research Director of Fragile Families Projects

Kate Jaeger Promoted to Research Director of Fragile Families Projects

Friday, Nov 1, 2019

Kathy Edin and Sara McLanahan would like to announce the promotion of Kate Jaeger to Research Director of the Fragile Families Projects.

Kate completed her MPA at the Woodrow Wilson School in 2004. She was hired in 2006 to complete work on the age 5 surveys and begin work on the age 9 surveys. The age 9 survey increased the scope of the core study by partnering with a team of molecular biologists at Princeton to collect and analyze genetic data of mothers and children; the year 15 surveys added two new collaborative projects (a project on Adolescent Sleep Patterns, run by colleagues at Penn State and SUNY Stony Brook, and a project on Adolescent Brain Imaging, run by colleagues at the University of Michigan.)

Most recently she provided support for the Fragile Families Challenge, which included constructing a new metadata file that made the survey data accessible to data scientists as well as social scientists. Today, Kate supervises 4 research specialists and a part time programmer. Her responsibilities include helping write proposals, drafting questionnaires, managing data collection (planning, budgeting, checking invoices), cleaning and documenting the core survey data, constructing public use data files, training researchers to use the data, and maintaining a library of papers using the FFS data.  She also works with the PIs of each of the collaborative projects on budgeting, IRB issues and creating linked data files for public use.

Please join us in congratulating Kate on her well-deserved promotion.