Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

Thursday, Feb 15, 2018

Developing Social and Emotional Skills in our Schools conference videos and materials are now located online.


Developing Social and Emotional Skills in Our Schools conference organized by Princeton's Education Research Section and co-sponsored with the Future of Children and the Teacher Preparation Program at Princeton University was hosted on November 17, 2017. This conference addressed the latest research in the field, which has increasingly suggested that social and emotional learning (SEL) matters a great deal for important life outcomes like success in school, college entry and completion, and later earnings. In addition to this, research also tells us that SEL can be taught and nurtured in schools so that students increase their ability to integrate thinking, emotions and behaviors that lead to positive school and life outcomes. This conference was designed to bridge research and practice by addressing the research related to SEL and schools and highlighting programs in the field related to enhancing SEL in schools.

Throughout the day, panelists addressed the research related to the importance of SEL. Topics such as SEL preservice and professional development for teachers and administrators were discussed. Decision making guides about how schools can pick the appropriate SEL approach were also explored. In addition, representatives from the NJ Department of Education discussed the SEL work that is being implemented at the state level.

You can find all videos and materials from the conference online.